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Our story

In 1994, I opened my first shoe store in New York City while I was in college. During the early years growing my business, I watched my customers struggle to find elegant shoes that were comfortable and well-fitting, especially for sensitive and busy feet. For years, I hunted for higher quality products at affordable prices, but I found that nearly all American wholesale shoe suppliers sacrificed either comfort or style—and sometimes both—to deliver goods below a certain price point.

Driven by the conviction that my customers deserve beautiful and well-fitting shoes that were still affordable, I began studying how to design and construct shoes. I traveled to factories in Europe, South America, and China—speaking with shoe designers and manufacturers and studying their methods. After years of studying, I came away with three principles that I have guided my shoe design ever since.

  • Shoes must be wide and deep to cradle the foot for ultimate comfort.
  • They should have removable leather covered insoles for breath ability and additional comfort.
  • They should have an ultra-light outsole that provides a stable and reliable base to support the foot.

For the last twenty five years, I have combined these principles of comfortable shoe design with the latest European trends and influences. This has proved a winning formula. We have grown from a single shoe store in Brooklyn’s iconic Green point neighborhood to multiple locations in New York, Chicago, and now online. 

Marco Polo—discover high quality shoes at a reasonable price so that you can travel wherever your journey will take you.

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